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A couple KG games

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    Recently, LisaV, in her Lisa's Chess Compendium, wrote that she had been on a losing streak only to comeback with a string of wins.  Well, I suffered a similar fate. I was on, while not exactly a losing streak, but more just a lousy-result streak, then yesterday I started winning game after game after game against seemingly decent players. I won these two games, as White, back-to-back a short while ago. I hadn't tried to analyze them since they are just 5/0, but I suspect, as usual, my wins are more a gift from my opponents than any superlative play on my part. But I thought these two were fun (at least for me).

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    Hey everybody, batgirl's posting a bunch of wins again! (heehee!)

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    I'll have you know that two is not a bunch. It's a couple!

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    For me of late, a couple is a bunch. Cry

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    I liked the idea of the KG so a week or so ago I decided to look at some games with it... but I didn't understand all the tactical craziness in the opening so I stopped after 2 or 3 haha.

    I still think it'd be fun to learn though... I just don't want to have to remember opening moves Tongue Out

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    Sounds kinky.

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    Hey everybody, batgirl's posting a bunch of wins again! (heehee!)

    Predicts you'll have to do better to lure the hisses out of their baskets. Laughing

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    "I just don't want to have to remember opening moves."

    I only play the KG by the seat of my pants.

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    Honestly though, I don't really have much to say about the games.  They were both just rolls (looks like maybe you need to find yourself some stronger opponents). Laughing

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    "looks like maybe you need to find yourself some stronger opponents."

    But then I'd lose!

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    Continuing my streak, I just played this 5/0 game. It's not a KG, and I had a lost position at one point, but somehow my opponent handed me the game.  In fact, I was admiring my 4 pawn center phalanx, but after a few too-fast trades in the center, I was emabarassed to find myself in a predicament. My opponent won a piece, then traded a Bishop for my Rook, but lost the entire game a dozen moves later.... go figure.

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    lose is part of the life... Then you can learn from your losses... This is the way of life

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    I Like the last game :)

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    28 moves for that first one boy sure didn't see that comeing - this notme guy likes to be assured he's good and dead.

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    Yeah, that game was fun!  Somehow just a handful of moves after looking clobbered you're winning not-me's queen, or rook (after 22... Ra7 23 Nxe7 Rxe7 24 Qc8+).

    There was another possibility that I wanted to point out too after 22... Ra7...if only your pawn was on g4 (instead of g2):

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    That also would've worked btw with the pawn on g2, if your king was on g1 (and thus not hanging the f1-mate)...because then 4 Qf6 would mate.

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    Well, I wasn't sure exactly what Back did to lose the game he had in his pocket.  Surely he had some better moves, or maybe he was just (rightfully) overconfident. His King in the middle where White exerted control didn't help his situation, but I think in  longer game he would have eventually won (although in a longer game, I doubt I would have lost the piece in such a manner either).

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    Goodness me, in the first game, black seemed to be doing ok till move 19, quite clearly you can see a set up for white to attack blacks queen eventually with the white bishop, as the rook awaits to check the king. The beauty of hidden attacks is truly stunning Smile

    Again, you always seem to boast superior center control. Its amazing what one very weak move can do to a game...

    The second game, blacks weak square f7 was torn apart, a great example for novices, beginners and weak players to see how white can expose that weak square. Move 12 was the winning move, sweet combination. 

    Its interesting when people talk about losing streaks, I have a personal record of 44 losses in a row (yes, I am that bad), after suffering from the emotional stress because of this, somehow I regained "form" and drew with some 1700+ players, had I owned a tender and fragile mind, I would of stopped playing chess (most certainly refrained from logging onto chess.com). 

    At first its menancing to see high rated players tear lower ranked players apart, now I see the beauty and can appreciate the art of winning in chess. 

    Thanks for exposing me to the KG opening batgirl. Nice games. 

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    Thanks Ms. Kiwi.

    When I  started playing chess (I 'm completley self-taught) I only played against my CM2000 chess program for the first two years.  For 2 years, I never won a game. Then I got online and played my first human opponents and lost so miserably, I almost gave up the game.  So, I'm not stranger to losing streaks either. .. but I'm no stranger to winning streaks now either :-)

    I really didn't mean to expose anyone here, but if I did, I can't think of anything more exciting, chess-wise, than to the King's Gambit.

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