A Cute 3-minute Mini-game


I won a 3 minute game when my opponent miss my mating threat.  I thought the ending was kind of cute.


my pics are metaphors for your nicely placed rooks!  I don't think you opponent thought it was as cute you btw, Laughing

Nice game~ and for 3 minutes you put together quite a formitable center punch!!


'Cute'! ...




At move 14, white really has some potential and threat to center control. Those rooks are well positioned and some careful early exchanges benefitted white.

Move 16, Bxb5, was really sweet! x), blacks queen pinned to king. 

Look at blacks horse at e3...lol I really feel that black should of castled at move 12 or considered a pawn rush on whites kingside, white clearly has more active pieces aggregated together. Lets not forget black did have attacking potential, again only if the bishop on b7 for black was utilized more.

Decent game by both parties. 

I prefer shorter games whilst playing online, at university or at home I prefer games with no time limit, not only a chance to get mentally tuned in and active but a chance to catch up with friends Smile.

Once again, nice victory batgirl.


Thanks Ms. Kiwi !

I like my games fast and furious :-D