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A Fun Knight Sacrifice

  • #1

    This is a game I recently played on live chess (long), it features a cool knight sac, which was inspired by all the Tal games I had been looking at earlier. Analyse if you wish thanks for reading!

  • #2

    what if 24 g3 or maybe 24 Rh5 I'm not sure if your sacrifice is solid,but maybe I'm wrong. Also another idea might be to re sack the piece on b5 with Bxb5.

  • #3

    after 24 g3 it looks like I have problems but after 24 Rh5 I'll play24... Rh6 then 25 Rxh6 Qxh6+ 26 Kg1 g3 0-1 thanks blobby.

  • #4

    weak. all very weak. and disappointing. your mother, she would not be happy, no

  • #5

    The only brillance here was how brillantly dumb white was. After g3 in the late 20s white looks bad, but in reality he had many oppurtunities to prevent defeat. I wouldn't care if caesar weren't my brother. thunderstealing ftw

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