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A great game in the Dory Indian

  • #1

    To me this was a really great game with an Unorthodox Defence.

    Please tell me what you think.

  • #2
    Oh wonderful! I thought it would transpose into a Dutch Defense set-up, but it looked like your knights were perfectly safe in the center without the f-pawn :-D
  • #3
    very nice combo!
  • #4
    Very nice exploitation of the e3 square.  I don't think the Queenside fianchetto was such a hot idea.  Bxb3 and the following line is a cute find.  Seems that Black equalized very easily due to cxd5 freeing the light squared bishop and the e-file for the rook.  Well done!
  • #5
    I think that was a great attacking game for black

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