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A nice mate (~1200)

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    Almost 3 month and a half are gone since my dad beat me in a chess game and that's how I've started studying chess. My lovest ratinng on chess.com was 597 on 4th of July. Now I have almost a double rating. My goal for this year was reached, I wanted to have a live rating > 1160 (average on chess.com).

    I've studied the plan for beginners and now I'm planning to review it. Also, I do tactics on ct on a daily basis.

    Here's a nice game, the opponent had the same rating as me

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    Nice game

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    Thanks Tom, it had a nice finish thanks to my opponent. I still have a lot to learn, this is just th beginning :)

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    Hmm ))) Interesting! Congratulations - the goal is reached! Wish you to grow!

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    Thanks mate, the more you get better at chess the more it gets addictive. Now I want to get better in order to understand Tal's, Alekhine and Nezhmetdinov games :)

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    Nice mate, mate!


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