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a quick attacking game

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    here is a game i played and won

    please post your own games

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    one of the shortest games i ever played

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    This is a game I played recently. It was pretty short. My opponent may have played more passively than usual, because he was scared of me.

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    im so clumsy, i try to click edit and i click delete.

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    This is my shortest recorded tournament game, from a long time ago. Needless to say, it wasn't my opponent's best game.

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    oh wow. nice win

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    nice game your opponent underestimate you

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    nice one. thats why black usually doesnt do that petro opening or whatever its called

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    Yeah I think a mistake but not a massive error, you can find it a lot in the master game database, but d6 is better.

    You can play 4...Qe7 or 5...Qe7 but you're losing a pawn or getting a bad position in most lines.

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    This is a brilliancy that occurred in a tournament against someone rated around 1200 (I was 1700 at the time).

    He resigned. I don't know how this player got a 1200 rating...
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    I've had an opponent play Qc6 but they followed it up with resign. a6 is amazing.

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    yeah... a6 is plain stupid. the opponent should be rated around 800


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