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My Game Collection #1

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    Sorry I meant Awesome Game #1

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    I suspect black is already lost, say at move 5 or 6.

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    You did the logical thing by not gettin confused due to his junk opening and developing your pieces while he is just wasting moves

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    He played a wierd opening and was still rated high..

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    Maybe (s)he is rated high because of the weird opening.

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    Nice game!  He was probably just goofing around, but you made him pay nicely.

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    1812 is hardly a high rating in chesscube,huge inflation there.

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    Yeah, I know...

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    is about a 1500 on chess.com

    this was a while back

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    His rating is certainly high enough to know that that's a lousy opening.  He was obviously fooling around.  But that doesn't mean the win is automatic.  So, nice job.

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