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Breaking 1500 USCF

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    This is the game that elevated my rating past 1500- it was the third round of the Marshall Chess Club under 1600 tournament. The time control was G/40 and I was significantly behind on time for almost the entire game. The game was certainly not mistake-free, but it was the first game in a while where I felt my work on positional concepts paid off in a significant way.

    Any and all comments on this game are welcome- I'm trying to improve all facets of my game and would appreciate advice on anything pertinent. I hope to get to class B this year if I can and feel like I could stand to improve both my tactical awareness and my formulation of strategic plans, but any feedback helps!

    Edit: My rating in the diagram says 1018, but it was actually 1408 at the time of the game (now it sits at 1551)

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    Aha nice positional game!

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    Why thank you, not every day that I get to use the positional concepts I read about- it only gets tougher the higher one climbs on the rating ladder!

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    That's an interesting move- made me think of The famous saying "When you see a good move, sit on your hands and look for a better one". I think I was so intent on controlling e5 to keep White from opening the board for his bishops that I didn't want to move my knight if possible. Bc5 is one of those tricky zugzwang moves that I always have trouble finding; at least once in the tournament I had to remind myself not to fall into the mindset of always feeling like I have to do something aggressive on every move. I'm just looking at it on my phone so I don't have a board here but am I right in saying that your line guarantees a new queen? It seems to win at least a rook. To be honest I never even considered Bc5 or the possibility of attacking the e3 pawn during the game- that's the kind of move I'll need to find at the next level. This was certainly helpful- thanks for the kind words and the analysis!
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    IMO, white's 20. gxf5 deserves a ? for sure.  No reason to let you undouble your kingside pawns there.  

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    Good game, I enjoyed your commentary.

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    Thank you, and I agree that gxf5 wasn't a great move. My opponent might have been hoping I would recapture with the rook, or perhaps he was hoping for more space for his queen... It seemed like a wasted move to me at the time, as his queen+bishop battery is shut down by the pawn advance anyway and my pawn structure improves as you mentioned.


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