Close to winning rated 1500..

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm rated 1100-1200 and this is the first time I was close enough to win someone rated 1500+ but unfortunately, lost on time.  I hate losing this way.. anyway I just wanted to show off so I'm posting the game here.. please tell me how well I did and what I could have done to do even better..

    I think black had a great chance to win here. This is one of my best games I've ever played. The only thing I can't manage is time.. can anyone give me some tips/tricks on managing time ?


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    pfren wrote:

    Of course it's excusable in 15-minute games, but the way you handled the opening was extremely poor: You created many weaknesses while falling too far behind in development. You shouldn't really play fashionable stuff if you cannot understand it.

    White had many missed chances to finish you off, the most obvious being 16.Rxf6 gf6 17.Ne4, when something really bad is going to happen to your king very soon.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm not good in the opening and the endgame phase and I've just memorized couple of openings from both of the sides and I thought thats how it all just works. Unfortunately, chess is not popular in our country and also I'm not a chess expert and it's one of the reason I'm not. Chess clubs are far away from my area. So if you say to not play fashionable stuff if I don't understand it then should I just go on my own throughout the game without memorized openings or should I first understand and then memorize different chess openings and their variations ?

    Thanks again...

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    we all must learn from our mistakes

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