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    So I recently played someone on chess.com that is garbage at openings but pretty amazing at everything else. This person copies whatever you do at the beginning of the game for about 10 moves. (assuming that you don't do something really stupid) So this is what I did. :)

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    Nice smothered mate there! :D

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    Haha!! Nice little setup there :D

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    haha, really nice..

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    LMAO , thanks I needed that!

    Do it again! Do it again!

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    Well done! Cool

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    C4 c5 qa4 qa5 qc7 qc2 qxc8 although I'm sure everyone already knows this.

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    nice job.

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    Rubidium-that may go under doing something really stupid...

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    i don't buy it

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    The Parham is actually a good opening under this principle.

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    What do you not but I like Flags?

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    Samurai_Sam wrote:

    What do you not but I like Flags?

    Well he hasn't played anyone with that rating recently for one.

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    Well, if you have a copy cat opponent, you could try e4 e5 bc4 bc5 nc3 nc6 qg4!

    or e4 e5 nf3 nf6 nxe5 nxe4 qe2

    True, that was a pretty stupid example I gave previously.

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    this story is horseshit.  period.

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    Ouch again!

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    Who is that guy? I SO NEED TO PLAY HIM!!!

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