Crazy game from my wild youth


Many years ago... back in the 1970's and 80's... my over-the-board tournament nickname used to be "Mad Dog". I used to enjoy playing crazy, unsound counter-attacking lines as Black.

That was back when I was young and foolish. It's entirely different nowadays... now I'm old and foolish.

I recently found an old chess work-book containing some of my early games, and in a fit of sentimentality, I thought I'd share one or two of them with you.

Here's an OTB tournament game from 1975:


Good game!


Here's another one, from the final round of the 1982 Atlantic Provinces Championship:


I really like both of the games above. The first one I had to play slow and to see all the possible moves and found the threats that never developed.

I like threats. Some master said they were worse than the executions.

It seem like my games end around 40 move. I've only had several games that went into pawn end games. I like it when the King comes out with his sword and gets in to the frey.

By the way your games were in the 70's? How old are you? 


I just turned 56 this week. Here'a a typical game from that 1970s period: