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Don't play an opening you don't know!

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    Not so much the opening choice really, more the subsequent play. By move 6 Black is way behind on development and still thinks he can fool around with 6. ...c5, while 8. ... Qxg2 is horrible.

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    It does not have to do anything with opening theory as much as lack of knowledge of the basic principles of the game.

    That said, the "Patzer Check variation" 3...Qe5+ is not THAT bad if Black had played 4...c6 to create a shelter for her majesty at c7. Factly, it may even be a good choice for Black if he wants to get out of the book as fast as possible having a worse, but playable position.

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    [Event "PolarBear - Round 1"]
    [Site "Chess.com"]
    [Date "2012.03.15"]
    [White "trebejomaster"]
    [Black "mr_dogand"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [WhiteElo "1386"]
    [BlackElo "1309"]
    [TimeControl "1 in 2 days"]
    [Termination "trebejomaster won by checkmate"]

    Game history... You might as well post the full PGN in your diagrams if the game comes from chess.com.

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    OP takes his ball and goes home. Undecided


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