Early Queen Punished



this is a recent game I played on chess.com.

It's not a high level game, and black makes several mistakes in addition to bringing out the Queen early. But it was fun to play, and I think it does show that bringing out the Queen early (for no good reason), in addition to a couple of other bad moves, can lead to disaster.

Often the hardest part, if you are far ahead, I find to keep playing well and concentrate. Sometimes those games end in a draw, or even loss, because I make moves without thinking and I blunder. But not this time! :-)


Nice tactics! Didnt see the 9.Ng5 10.Bh5 combo though! haha good game finish with technique!


Thanks for the compliments longday567 :-)

A friend of mine asked why I had not played 7.Bc4 (i.s.o. 7.Bc2), threatening 8.Ng5 and 9.Nxf7. But that would allow black to play 7...d5, because white has not castled yet

and then 8.exd5 probably does not work out as good as white would like (as black can play Qe7+).


During the game I could not fully calculate it, but 7.Bc4 d5 seemed unclear to me and I decided to go for a safer Bishop move.


Very nice game indeed!


I am proud at you!:)

(or is it on you? I don't know)


Thanks Pianoplayer66 :-)

And yes it's me, the guy you usually beat "blindfolded" when we play OTB Yell

Pianoplayer66 wrote:

Very nice game indeed!


I am proud at you!:)

(or is it on you? I don't know)

 Pianoplayer: I am proud of you.

mathot: Nice game


You pointed out that on move 7, a queen retreat would have been better than his chosen move.  It's interesting how people who aren't very strong chess players often have a psychological attachment to not retreating pieces they brought out prematurely, especially if the best move is to return that piece to its original square.


14 Ne4 looks very strong as well.


@AndyClifton: you are right. If black answers 14.Ne4 with 14...Qxe5, then after Bxb4+ black can only prospone mate by sacking a pawn and the Queen. And if black tries to save the Queen and prevent the deadly Bxb4+ threat with Qe7 the simple Pg6+ wins the Queen (and more). I think I considered 14.Ne4 during the game, but didn't see the full power of the move, and also that I played Ng6+ because it seemed safer (less chance of calculation errors).

What I didn't mention that I chose 14.Ng6+, not only because g6 seemed like a nice square for the Night, but it also ensured me that I could add another piece to the attack with tempo on the next move (might have been Silman's influence :-) ).


17. Rxe6+ would win a queen!