Even chess gods are human !

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    Maybe that's what they call him -- like AJ :D

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    Very nice sir!!!

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    Even human are chess gods! Excellent!

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    Il a sous-estimé son adversaire sournois. Peut-être vous devriez être 2400 évalués.


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    @chesskingdreamer - thanks for the tip : I'll try and make sense of Houdini's analysis Smile

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    This is the first time I've seen this thread with your game and annotations. Made my chess day. Amazing. Like another poster said, I can only hope to play like that one day. Thanks for sharing it with the community.

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    A bit late to this - but that was an awesome game! Love the annotations. Smile

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    Yup. It does seem like you have to get a stronger player into a position where they have an awkward defensive task, like here. Perhaps most of the time they'll find their way out of it anyway, but you can make them more vulnerable than usual if you play a daring sac and ask them to find the houdini refutation :)

    I should probably go over this game again because it's instructive and it's still interesting to see the psychology of a game like this. But yeah it's probably one of those games that singlehandedly makes chess worthwhile, if you're on the winning side.

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    chesskingdreamer wrote:

    I like how the menus in this GUI look like a copy of microsoft word :)

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