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Flummoxing the Alekhine.... again :)

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    I've played this same game a few times, once even OTB against a FM in a blitz tourney. It's always fun :)


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    Wow!  That's brutal.

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    Very nice!

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    Ver nice!

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    8...g6 wins for black.

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    that is....brilliant!

  • #7

    6.kg6 is the way to defend.

  • #8

    im trying to figure out why black put his king on g8 ive only seen computers make a move that stupid

  • #9

    8...g6 does give Black the advantage, but it's still a nasty trap though and if it beat an NM then it must be worth a shot.

  • #10
    rich wrote:

    6.kg6 is the way to defend.

    6...Kg6 7.h4 and you die a slow and painful death. Tongue out

  • #11

    Ke8? would that work....barely?

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    Floyyd wrote:

    8. ...g6 wins jack shit.

    After 8...g6 black will follow up with Nc6-d8, h6, and win the e-pawn, when white can grab the exchange with Nf7-xh8 but he'll be behind in development and have a rook against two pieces while black has the bishop pair. 5.Bxf7+?? simply leads to a terrible position for white (-2.2) unless black falls for the extremely obvious mate in two.

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    A variation :)


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