Fried liver anyone?


Andrew is one of my best friends, I know him very well and I know that he loves chess but he doesn't like to study.

A few days ago I was watching this video about the fried liver attack so I wanted to give it a try. I know it's not so common at high levels but at my level, if you're not defending correctly, you'll loose. 

Yesterday was the moment for my first test. I'm planning to learn to play against it

Enjoy the game and I'm looking forward for your suggestions


11...Kd7 is a genuine lemon.

11...c6 is probably an advantage for Black, but this is of little significance, since after 11...Qh4! white is in a very bad shape (probably totally lost).

9.a3? is simply a mistake. 9.Qe4, 9.0-0 or even 9.Bb3 are all better moves- although white hardly has any advantage in any of them. In short, 6.Nf7 is simply dubious, 6.d4! is the better move to play.


Interesting game but since your trying out the fried liver you might want to try the lolli


lolli = 6.d4 Smile