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Fun game of strategy.

  • #1

    Really enjoyed this battle which took a lot of planning throughout.
  • #2

    Great game! Nice a


  • #3

    kind of a mangled english on white side Bd3? 5. Nf3 much better.free rook was cool fun little game there.

  • #4

    Yeah the BD3 was a bit odd - in fact for someone at his rating I felt he played a couple of odd moves (why not take back the knight for instance?).

  • #5

    Actually looking back I see why - not enough threats on the knight to not loose material.

  • #6

    6. ... Bf5(??) at least loses a pawn for nothing if white plays the obvious Nxc5.

    8. ... Qh4 ends the game immediately. 8. ... Nxd2(?) is pretty bad. Why would white not take the bishop?

  • #7

    A very Fine Game.


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