Game #3 in G/60 Massachusetts Championships U2000

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    This was the best game I played from my tournament this weekend, The Massachusetts G/60 Championships. I was entered in the Class A section U2000 USCF. I thought this was an interesting game with some tactical shots at the end. Let me know what you think. I added some annotations and lines throughout the game to explain some of my moves.

    I played this tournament with a performance rating of 2077, boosting me to a rating of 1903 USCF. My goal this year is to reach the 2000 mark.

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    Nice game jeremy.

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    Good job, Jeremy.

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    Wow J, ...your deployment of that remarkable light square Bishop were sharp dagger strikes thru the heart of Blacks position. Man, ...your tactical awareness & proficiency was beautifully demonstrated in this game. Super job J! Well done.

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    Just saw your comments @ItalianMachine @zenomorphy, I really appreciate the kind words, especially from players of your caliber. It's very encouraging to get positive feedback from a master, really makes me want to keep improving! Also, always great to hear from a good friend, zeno Wink 

    These are my favorite kind of games, where I get to explore several tactical lines and utilize my creativity. I will definitely post more of my favorite games soon! 

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    Cool Thank You J!

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