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    Hi everyone!

    I just played a game and I want to see what you guys think.


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    personellement la defense Owen a tendence à me destabiliser donc je trouve que tu t es bien débrouillé

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    de rien .

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    Veuillez être pertinent, aider et être gentil!

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    So it wasn't the best losing the pawn but overall it was great!

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    Thanks tliu1222!

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    Nice finish of this game. Well done

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    Thanks achja!

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    Hi chessfan25--not sure if you like to play f3 in those types of openings, but it can be a very useful move.  It solidifies the center, prevents options like Ng4 if you develop Be3, and frees up your minor pieces against the combination Nf6-Bb7-Bb4 attack so common to this opening.  As of move 11 your plan was definitely to keep major pieces on the board; opposite-colored bishops give fair drawing chances in an endgame, but they can do even better versus an undefended king.  f4 was your crucial break and adding h4 to it, while your bishop was still on g3, likely would've done ever more damage than your d5-d6 push.  Excellent finish and combinational play.

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    I do not know why Black did choose to play that opening.. He made you a chess hero Tongue Out

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