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Great trap by my opponenet

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    Hello folks, please see this fantastic Chess960

    game in which I fell for a brilliant trap set by my opponent.

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    Very nice!

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    you're right, that's a very good trap, think I probably would've fallen for it too :D

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    Skillfully done by your opponent but not sure about it being 'brilliant' - it only worked because you fatally exposed your king !

    It's a case of greed overcoming caution - just because a juicy piece is left (apparently) hanging, doesn't mean you should take it      Wink

    I also can't help but notice that you moved your king four times in the game but you didn't move your queen, the most useful piece on the board, even once & worse-trapping her in the corner !  Might be time to get back to the books.

    Edit:  Sorry if that sounds a bit churlish burraganesh but when you were thinking about taking that rook & with three days to ponder your move, didn't you once consider that he might advance the g-file pawn ?

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    You're correct Stephen_33, I play all my games at Blitz speed irrespective of format , even a few OTB's I played for my University back in 2008,09.

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    That sounds like the answer then burraganesh; perhaps it would be better to slow down a little & give some more thought to those moves ?  Otherwise, there's not much point in playing 3-day TC Online games because you're not exploiting the advantage of being able to analyze your moves in depth.

    For what it's worth, I played my first game of Blitz on this site the other day (it should have been 15:10 but I'd made a mess of the time-contro) & lost at around move 19 because of time expiry (I was losing anyway) but I won't be doing that again - I just can't think accurately at speed. That's probably why my T.T. rating is so mediocre.

    It's a matter of playing the kind of chess that suits you best & gives you the greatest advantage !

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    Thanks Stephen_33, by the way you too lokk like a great chess enthusiast  playing and still answering the posts in the 60's. Great to see veterans liek you on this site.

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    How did you castle? Whenever I play 960, chess.com doesn't let me castle.

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    Just remember DaBigOne, the castlign rules are still the same as in standard chess.

    For Chess960, irrespective of position there's two types of castling called h-side and a-side castling.

    In h-side castling u'r king will end up on g1/g8 with Rook on f1/f8, and in a-side castling u'r king will end up on c1/c8 with Rook on d1/d8.

    To castle you simply click your King once and place it on the Rook (for OTB there are other rules) then it will automatically castle in the side of Rook if valid.

    As in standard chess you cannot castle in check, if the square is controlled by opponents pieces and blah blah.-Please be aware of castling rules.


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