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    GM Gserper's excellent article inspired my attacking ideas in this game.

    What would have been black's best defense against the h-file pawn launch? I frequently face similar flank attacks, and the main reason I have survived most of them is because of poor preparation of the attack on my opponent's part. Surely h-bombs aren't unstoppable...?

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    greg135 wrote:

    Taking the bishop with the e-pawn and pushing h5?

    Pardon my confusion, but I'm not quite sure what you meant. Would you mind rephrasing or elaborating for my muddled mind?

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    Black made a major blunder letting the h pawn go.  9...Bg7 looks to be able to create a pretty solid defencive formation, which strikes me as the best responce.  Though black still needs to be careful defending.

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    Interesting idea. If 7. ...exf6, however, perhaps white could abandon flank attack plans and simply play 8. O-O, thus enjoying the advantage of having two center pawns, an idea center, as well as a lead in development.

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    7... exf6 actually looks to be a very strong move.  However, I think it only works if it is followed up with 8... f5, after which white loses the pawn center and both black bishops have activity.

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    After a very quick glance i doubt white has much in the last diagram after something like Re8 followed by f6; if anything black is somewhat better with his bishop pair. ...Bxf6 looks also 100% playable as long as black remembers he has an hanging pawn (and king :)) on h6 and retreats to g7.

     My personal impression is that white has no perticular reason to take on f6 at move 7; i would rather retreat with 7.Be3 or 7.Bf4, claiming h6 as a newborn weakness which can be targeted with 8.Qd2. A chess proverb says that "you can't mate the king as long as the fianchetto bishop is alive", obviously it's not always true, but as a rule of thumb if you plan an attack against a fianchetto you should first of all think about a way to kill the bishop; After 7.Bxf6 the main canditate for an exchange with the Bg7 is gone, and  white's attack doesn't look tremendously danggerous to me.

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    Nachtwulf: Advancing the pawn doesn't work particularly well.  10 DxE5 gives black a material advantage.  The E5 pawn is a target that white cannot adequately defend.  10... Nc6 and the pawn will fall.

    On the other hand, 9 Nxe5 C5 and black, again, is doing excellently.

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    Sweet. Thanks for all the advice and quick feedback.

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    On a sidenote, talking about attacking motifs along the H file, the Greek Gift Exchange Sacrifice is a must know.  Earlier today, I won a game in that fashion.  5/0 time controls.

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    The dear old greek gift never fails to impress! simple but very nice to see, well done :)


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