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Hero e-Pawn Win Against 1900!

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    I finally got around to doing proper analysis of my game against assasinkings94; which is easily my best game on this site. It involves hanging two pieces at once and the legendary e-Pawn that just keeps eating up it's enemies.

    The crazy variations are something that can hardly be calculated even in correspondence. Enjoy!

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    really nice game

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    Fear_ItseIf wrote:

    really nice game

    It's all thanks to the e-Pawn.

  • #4

    I dont think the london deserves a ?! though lol, maybe a !?

  • #5

    Yeah you're right, I'd probably have given a ?! to anything other than the Queen's Gambit lol.

    Shows how much I know about openings outside of my main repertoire Cry


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