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Houdini playing the King's Gambit

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    Out of curiosity, I decided to watch my favorite chess program play a highly aggressive opening. The result is below:

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    20. Bxf5

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    20. Bxf5 loses to Qh2# :)

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    Didn't see the bishop, sorry

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    And another game, proving that not all endgames in the King's Gambit favor Black:

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    Timothy_P wrote:

    Didn't see the bishop, sorry

    Not even a GM can spot a tactic Houdini misses.

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    That's why I study with it a lot, haha

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    Wow. Great games!

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    Are you interested in seeing more, from different opening positions? If anyone wants some more, I'd be happy to spend the time finding some good ones!

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    I'll do any opening position on request, and I also have most* of the 15th edition of Modern Chess Openings.

    *The about 400 of the 800 pages are left. It's been through a lot.

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    If you could do Queen's Gambit and Evan's Gambit whenever you get a chance (Houdini as white both times) that would be awesome. Thanks!

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    I just did the Evan's Gambit -- I'll work on the Queen's Gambit soon. This game is absolutely beautiful.


                                              Houdini plays the Evan's Gambit

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    This game convinced me that Houdini can create an attack out of literally anything. I couldn't believe my eyes when it pulled off this checkmate. Enjoy!


                                     Houdini plays the Queen's Gambit

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    If 24 ... Bxg7, then 25. gxh7+ Kg8 26. Nf6+, right? I'm using my own guesswork here.

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    What country is this Houdini guy from ?  I think I can take him.

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    Houdini's the world's best chess program. If you want to set up a correspondence game, I can private message you my email address. Just note that if it's interesting enough, I'll post it on here... :)

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    You know that Houdini is a computer program, right? And you can't beat it.

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    In correspondence chess, he actually might be able to. It all depends on how far and accurately he analyzes. He could theoretically draw or even win, but it would take a LOT of work. To even the playing field, I could agree to limit Houdini's playing strength, which I can do so by either limiting the search depth (how far it looks ahead) or the time it takes to consider each position (self-explanatory). For example, each game I posted above had both players thinking for six seconds each move. I chose this limit to save time. If you want to play against Houdini with it slightly limited in its abilities, I'll be happy to do so. However, since I do want to keep things interesting, I won't set limits that will make it play like a fool.

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    asum game!!!!!

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    How long before one could buy Houdini on an open market? 

    Is it possible someday you think, that Houdini II or III could play at a 3500 level?


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