i beat a 1700!!


was that sarcasm? its hard to tell...


Oh, no!  Not at all.  It is just that I was getting ready to retire for the evening.  I had "played through" the game last night, and I was astonished by your play.  I was complimenting you when I wrote that I would review it again this morning.  And, truly, I could learn from you.  No offense was intended, sir.  Please forgive me for my ambiguous language.


thanx but im just 16. no need for sir unless it was really more sarcasm. what i hate about text is u cant tell sarcasm. we gotta make a sarcastic emoji. <rolling eyes>


Wow, looks like chessmix is really out to mix it up!

ghost_of_pushwood wrote:

Wow, looks like chessmix is really out to mix it up!

im sry, tried not to


Queen trap aside, your opponent did a terrible job with the d-file. Handing control of it over to you was not a good idea on their part.


If you beat a 1700 in a blitz chess do not take it too seriously.

DonThe2nd wrote:

Nice queen trap. He doesn't seem like a legit 1700 though. All he did was chase pieces the entire time with no real plan.

He is a legit 1700 though. His play was fine for most part. Two clear mistakes, first one missing 10... Ng4 and the second one with 27... Qf5 missing his queen is trapped.

Obviously not his best performance, but nothing that I saw indicated that he would be a much weaker player.

White played a good game.