I beat doidfish.. App on droid. I am white.. Tried 300x to beat this evil thing




whatever joy i had in this game is lost do to the lunatic brain small on power but large in font have made me share gifts with uz like something id leave in a steaming pile coiled up on ir kitcjen floor an ur kids r so lazy they walk past the disgusting dook an leave it for uz the great no the big bad beautiful womanly wolves or the same world to stay vigilant on high on high flow days. keep it clean fds smell with the shine.. respect that wu tang .. u dont no about that. id like to see a jury render verdict on uz. tho u tried to trie me.. im joey dux cause i duck a charge. u catch a case i go home. thats just the way life is. just cause u ruined ur life or are doing so...smile lie pretend ur still human or keep it moving. but to stop n troll a fckn chess site. especially to use ur big stick if ur running this racket. heavy lies ur crown. il neva no ur burdens on here. but ur intellegent enough to just keep it moving. doidfish. droidfish to think humanity could make that leap i was dead wrong an admit it. it said doidfish. obviously ther is no alternative one can think of .. so again.. i was wrong.. yes.....worthy of ur words..no. i dont wish to join hands n il enslave u before becoming a friend because. well. uz all seem a bit of easy prey irl