I think people are hitting the eggnog


These were two back to back games I just had. I haven't had games like this on here before so I blame the eggnog.


The second guy was definitely on the sauce!


i played against you last nite (31/12/11) and i enjoyed the game, made some major blunders in the end game, but i liked the game anyhow


You had a good sized edge for a while in the middle. I made some not so good moves that put me in that mess where you had me in trouble on the king side.

On move 6 black should have played c5.

On move 10 a much better choice for black would have been to capture the knight with the queen.

Obviously I should of gotten the bishop out from the edge shortly after you castled so it didn't end up in that mess that opened up my king side. I'm not sure why I was ignoring that bishop so much.

The only reason I got back in it was you made some endgame mistakes that allowed me to turn the game to a black advantage.