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ICC Follies #1

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    Actually, this was the only one of these not played on ICC (but on the USCF site).  Anyway, I thought people might find it interesting, in that it proved a surprisingly straightforward win without all that much advantage seeming to accrue to White.  The opening and all that isn't what you'd call staggeringly interesting, so you might just want to fast-forward to about move 20 or so...

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    Sarah Belham? I thought you said you were USCF rated

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    I thought I said that too...

  • #4

    Uh-oh (I did).

  • #5

    Well I looked you up and it says your not a USCF member and are unrated. 

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    Congratulations, you are a master detective as well as a coach nonpareil! Smile

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    Andy is a fake fake.

    Making him at least as real as Rubinstein's fly.

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    or Carlos Torre's clothes


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