ICC Follies #11

What's this about lol random posts xD just got here

kborg over-reacted. Now he's made his peace and is chilling.

Oh I c

On the plus side, today I got to read some very interesting articles about social interaction and the role gossip plays in it.


This is rich,  @Gxtmfa.  Your 29)...Ra5 suggestion (deactivating the rook to protect a pawn) makes little sense.  Black's rook is now out of play, and black is (probably) in trouble.

My quick and dirty analysis started at move #24.  It referred to Hellsten's theme, as per post #20 above.  This was a 5 minute game posted FIVE months ago.  Was white ahead by the equivalent of a piece?  The answer to that question is still NO.

You must be terribly desperate for attention, trying to bring this (conflicted) thread back to life. 

Apparently, you like to throw mud, play in the mud, and play with mud sculptures.  No surprise there.  Below is another player (your friend), whose avatar photo "behaves" much the way you do.

Laughing  [As of July 30, 2012, we are glad to see that @den_reyes86 has switched his avatar photo, from him wearing a 16 inch mud sculpture of his genitals, to a picture of his girlfriend or relative.  Maybe the two of you are finally learning some manners? One hopes.]

*(Current) Username and avatar photo, for  @den_reyes86


Both of you lack credibility, and common sense too.

Eventually the Chess.com Admin folks will catch up with both of you.

Just like they did recently with @The_Gavinator.

P.S.  Unlike the 1) g6 Modern Defense Group, where you can delete all your offending and incriminating posts, (and then get your buddy @Wormrose to cover up for you), this is the Open Forum.  Your friend's avatar photo can only be deleted by the site-moderators, or changed by the user himself.  

Laughing  [Glad to see he eventually woke up to the photo offense.  It only took you two boy geniuses about 5 weeks.  A lightning fast response.] 

Have a Nice Day, @Gxtmfa, and please close the door on your way out. 


Ra5 prevents 30. Rxc5. No mystery to that. 

trysts wrote:
chrisr2212 wrote:

and the coloured girls sang

"dooh-di-dooh-di-dooh, dooh-di-dooh, dooh-di-dooh-di-dooh, dooh-di-dooh, dooh-di-dooh-di-dooh, dooh-di-dooh, dooooooooooh"

Love that song


Hey, I was just watching An American Family, the anniversary edition (basically they recut the documentary to 2 hours) and I noticed that while Lance Loud is staying at the Chelsea Hotel he (along with his mom) runs into someone named Holly and mentions somebody named Candy!  And this was in 1971, and Transformer came out in 1972.  I wonder if Lance saw Lou Reed while he was staying there...

Holly Came From Miami, Fla
Hitchhiked Her Way Across The USA.
Plucked Her Eyebrows On The Way
Shaved Her Legs And Then He Was a She

Candy Came From Out On The Island,
In The Backroom She Was Everybodys Darling