ICC Follies #2


I've always liked the combo in this game, with its unusual (and quiet) 21st move.


That was in fact a nice game - even if you were lucky as the crucial 19...hxg5, 20.hxg5+ was nothing he should have worried about: 20 ... Kg8 21.Qh7+ Kf8 22.Qg6 Be2+ 23.Kg1 Qxd4 and you seem to be down two pieces without a good continuation (24.Rh8+?Ke7). Could it be that this was one of those famous mutual delusions where you both still "saw" the knight covering f7 even after it been taken by 19...hxg5?

His losing move was 22...Qe2 I think. If 22...Qd3 23.hxg5+ he would have had 23...Qh7! saving his butt.


Yes, it's true that 19... hg would've worked, because of 20 Qf7 Be2+ followed by 21... g4.  Similarly, he could've refuted the sac with 19... Be2+ followed by 20... hg (something I only noticed after I had posted the game).

I'm not sure that 21... Qd3 really would've gotten him out of danger though.  Obviously it's better than what he played...but I still think there are problems with Black there.


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well done.  seems the opponent just held on a few more moves out of spite.  how long have you played that weird 2..e5 line?  i find it horribly annoying to play against.  :D 


His losing move was 2. ... e5 btw, why would anyone voluntarily put black in a disadvantage?


Nice game!


Yes, but note how I refused to allow his disadvantage with the cunning 3 e3.  A brilliant bit of psychology, that!