Irish Gambit: Another Crazy Blitz video

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    I made another Irish Gambit live session video in a 2/1 blitz game here on

    Here is the link for the newest video that is under 10 mins and its very crazy! Its a Gamble type of Opening but its fun in blitz games. I have other Irish Gambit videos and can make more! Let me know what I missed in this game besides the mate in one towards the end!

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    i watched your video and at 2:55 you can take the bishop with your rook and if he takes back with the f pawn you can unleash a discovered attack on his queen and at 5:00 you can also fork the king and either rook

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    Thanks, cant believe I missed that!

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    Some more video's that I've made in the past. Live session blitz games of the Irish Gambit! These I did win.

    First video - Under 6 minutes

    Second Video - He's giving the piece back!

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    Sorry, I'll stop procrasinating and do it after work tonight! I got crushed Embarassed

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    Uploading a video against ChrisR and will post the link soon! (Less than 30mins)

    Also I'm thinking of running a tournament on this Gambit in the future.

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    I'm subscribed! ;)

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    For those that want to see me playing like a n00b against a Chess Master!

    Here is the Video!!!!

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    Thank you MSC157 for being the First!

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    I will start one up but it might be a couple of weeks before I do start one up. Just realized that their are some restrictions on running a tournament and I have to fix my timeout before I can run a tournament.

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