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It's official, I'm starting to hate Blitz

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    Losing games like this on time.

    It's an outrage.


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    Yeah I've lost worse. It's just concentration, I get into a mode where I just play moves. I'm not calculating, I'm barely looking at the position, I'm just moving the pieces.

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    When I clearly outplay my opponent and get an edge that isn't immediately winning, I often lose on time because it took me so long to figure out where my opponent is just playing moves.

    And when I just play moves I get outplayed :P

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    Blitz goes till 14 minutes right or is it 15 minutes? Would 10|10 be guaranteed to count as blitz? Only if the game ends within 30 moves, so I think 10|5 needs to end in 60 moves, might give that a try

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    Tell me about it.

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    Is that black to play with a mate in 2? Embarassed

  • #7

    Yep -- played Rbc2 as the last move when I had 0.1 seconds left. Not even premoves could save me..

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    Thought you meant me. :P

  • #9

    In blitz playing quickly is just as imporatant as playing well.

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    Blitz55 wrote:

    Thought you meant me. :P

    Lol, your username is confusing on this site :P

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    Vivinski wrote:
    Blitz55 wrote:

    Thought you meant me. :P

    Lol, your username is confusing on this site :P

    Haha Yeah I guess so. It's In Refrence to A Final Fantasy 6 character's fighting ability everyone. :P haha

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    move faster, or play longer time control. easy.

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    -kenpo- wrote:

    if there's no increment and it's 10 minutes or less, then it's definitely blitz. rapid is 15 minutes-30 minutes.  

    I haven't tried it myself so I can't say anything conrete, but maybe an increment of 5 seconds or so would be far less annoying. 

    in any case, you have to approach it in a certain manner. you can't play blitz games as you would real chess. the time control forces you to play on impulse. no thinking allowed for the most part.

    dont take it too seriously either. it's supposed to be for fun.

    You've never played it but you're sure there's no thinking involved. Ok...

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    Vivinski, I agree with you. So annoying when you would clearly win with more time. I'm just too slow for blitz

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    Hmm.,.An interesting message arrived:

    Dear Vivinksi

                       I created blitz with the idea of annoying as many people as I could. Your frustration is excellent news



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    Vivinski wrote:

    Losing games like this on time.

    It's an outrage.



    Unless your opponent only blundered because they moved faster... and they were paying within the constraints of the agreed game while you were in fantasy land, getting a better position while ignoring the clock.

    When players message me and whine about the time I like to say "the difference between you and me is, I could have won with that position in 30 seconds."

    In your case you won a piece on move 20, and lost on time on move 40.  In 20 moves your opponent made 3 threats (so you didn't even need to think about defense).  I suggest longer time controls, and once you learn the winning technique by heart, you can test it out in these faster games.

    (Basically, consolidate your position (everything's defended), make threats, and exchange pieces).

  • #17

    It's the hard law of blitz. It will force you to think faster (but not deeper, that's the problem). Think of it as a 'real-game tactics trainer' for more serious games (although I play exclusively blitz games here, I admit it's not really serious chess due to this overimportant clock problem).

  • #18

    I think Blitz Chess is very demanding because it requires fast thinking and a tendency to an agressive game.


    But I prefer it to regular games.

  • #19

    It's official, I'm starting to hate Blitz

    Please post corroborating certificate, I won't accept "official" without documentary evidence.

  • #20

    I have to say, I've clutched a lot of Blitz games from winning lost positions through time. Its all just part of the format, sadly.


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