Just beat an FM in a positional game



So I've been reading some books about positional chess and I decided to showcase it in this game. I made a mouseslip, Qd8, instead I wanted to play b6 and if he took I'd have recaptured dxc5. But thankfully it wasn't losing or anything. His lightsquare bishop was dead throughout the game, and before he made a blunder towards the end, I had accrued an advantage of -2.5. I feel that his rook sac was unnecessary, and that he should have let me take the pawn on c4, because that pawn is the one that's killing his lightsquared bishop. If he'd have let me taken it, and then exchanged bishops, I feel that he would have had a lot more active play




It was a good game.Well done!

Good game 😁



Good game happy.png
I'm there just two moves i didn't understand, could you explain?
first: 5...e5: seems to waste a tempo you could have played Nc6 to cover any early advance by his pawn
second: 15...dxc5 allowing to doubling up your pawns. Is it for the control of d4?


One thing about your comment, allowing you to take the pawn on c4 - while you may think his bad bishop will be traded, the bishop on e3 is just as bad, maybe even worse - none of his problems are actually solved. In my opinion he was fooling around, doing nothing for too long and needed to get some counterplay on the kingside via g3, f4. Bf1 and qc2 were pointless moves and because of them it became incredibly hard for him to do anything at all later on. Anyway, I will stop criticising him - it is a 3 minute game. Well done


Another thing you said - his light squared bishop was useless the entire game. Don’t let your knowledge pervert you, like I said before his dark squared bishop was pretty bad too, don’t judge at pieces based on how they look, judge them by their actual usefulness. What is the light squared bishop doing? Defending the c4 pawn. It might not look like much, but without this bishop, your position would fall apart very quickly. Now let’s see what the bishop on e3 is doing. Controlling the f4 and g5 square. What would happen if the bishop wasn’t controlling those squares? Not much. The knight’s favourite square is still d6 and the idea of g3, f4 is still possible. Also, forget me criticising qc2, it was not such a bad move


I like your Bf8-b4-c3 which in long term gave you better positional perspectives for minor peaces, in many endings you have (not better, but...) dominant bishoop vs white Bd3 which actc as a pawn during whole game.

so what white should do if he would play for winning? only seems to force somehow f3-f4 and e4-e5, it is not clear but it gave chances to put Bd3 back in game since it is greatest issue in white position, actually he was one piece down all the time.

good game!