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Just beat someone graded 1742 in a Ruy Lopez game

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    This is the first time I beat someone with such a high rating. I wouldn't call it a spectacular win but considering how difficult Ruy Lopez games are and someone with a superior rating, I was pretty happy with this. 

    Best wishes

    Dawud beale

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    I came all the way to this thread and no game is posted?

    Just kidding, I'll post it :)

    Good job keeping track of everything on the queenside!

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    oh sorry I thought I had posted it :-D must have been too excited by my win :-D

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    The point of an early ...Bg4 is putting pressure on the d4 square, and 10...Na5? does not help at all. White may win a pawn by 11.g4, when I don't believe black has compensation, but 11.de5 also looks good.

    12.Be3 invites black placing his offside knight to some better square (12...Nc4), but black did not care.

    Black's artificial play with ...Na7 granted white a clear advantage, which was spoiled by a few unlucky moves (20.g4?! and 21.Nb3?! are quite questionable), and then suddenly Black blundered a knight (22...Qc8?? which leaves the b6 knight en prise) and white counter-blundered a pawn (23.Nc6??) but instead of losing a pawn, he preferred losing a whole rook (24.dc6??) ... duh!


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