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KG as Black

  • #41

    If 18. h3, c5.  Then if 19. hxg4, cxd4; and if 20. cxd4, Nxg4 with Qg6 and Qh5+ to follow.  Where can the N go?  If 19. Nb5 (say), Bf5 hammering d3, and Qg6 (piling on d3) & Qh5 (attacking the weak k) is still a threat.  White's developement isn't cooperating and his k-side is almost stripped of defenders.  It only takes black 2 to 3 moves to implement some strong ideas; it takes white a few moves longer to do the same.  But black must approach this position with some energy, or white will have an excellent game in a couple of moves.  But I feel that the push c5 soon followed by Qg6 and/or Bf5 give black the advantage here.

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    19...c5 20.d4 looks horrible for Black, since he can't play 20...Nc6, as suggested, because of 21.Nxh6+ and the  white queen guards h7.

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    pfren, do you mean the diagram in post 44?

  • #44

    Yup. But anyway, the whole variation hardly proves anything regarding the value of the opening.

  • #45

    pfren, I agree with both your statements.  It's just a random five minute game.  But thanks for the input; I missed Nh6+, but I didn't want the N to get to f5 in the first place.

  • #46

    Yeah, that's a lot of analyzing over a 5/0 game I played with no idea what I was doing.  The final position was unclear to me. Thanks for all the ideas.


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