KIA: Botvinnik set-up

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    I stopped looking when I saw your utter disrespect for another player, and your vain arrogance. Yes, I know you want attention, but I didn't look.

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    Welcome to my blocked list. 

    Dude, if you knew anything about me, I'm getting better every year. Also, I made it to age 57, you might not.

    I leave you with these words of wisdom, why our banter is over. "Never argue with an idiot because he will bring you down to his level, and beat you with experience."

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    PawnPusher3 is someone I know, I think. I don't appreciate how you were insulting him. 

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    bah, why get your knickers in a twist. Guy's clearly joking.

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    Seekthendefeat has 2 loses against me.Cool sorry i didn't mean to hurt you. i just wanted you to be humble.Cool

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    it's okay. we're still friends. real good friends.Cool

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