lasker's trap: 8 move minature!

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    Oran_perrett wrote:
    Randomemory wrote:

    playing h3 before Nxe5 is mandatory because black has the intermediate nxe5 making the immediate Nxe5 refuted.


    As in Black does not to be so collaborative. If Black doesn't take the bait, then White loses its Knight on e5.

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    Typical. Take out some of those exclams; none of the moves in the game were even close to double-exclam-worthy, with dxe3 and fxg1=N+ being the only two deserving of even a single (!). Your opponent blundered with e3 and Bd2 and you took advantage.

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    wow less anger...

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    It isn't anger; it's the truth. Rxg1 blunders a queen and you give the obvious Bg4+ a double exclam? I don't think you understand what each of the signs is reserved for. ! = strong move; !! = brilliant move. None of your moves came close to brilliant; therefore, you shouldn't have any !! in your annotation.

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    i could go back and complete the lengthy process of edited itagain andremove the !! if you like or you could lay off someone who hasn't spent as much of their time studying notation as you because maybe they just enjoy the game and not being idiots on forums?

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    just figured a move that won the game was probably good but whatever

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    Ha I like these

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    Heard of but didn't know what the Albin Countergambit was until now.

    Did some light reading on it and I can see why you play it.  Interesting positions - the d4 wedge in White's camp is not so easily dealt with.

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    Legal's Mate looks pretty neat, I'll have to try it out. I'll test it in an unrated game first.

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    albin countergambit is very daring but can yield a very intereting game

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    I love Lasker's Trap...nice implementation.

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    thank you batgirl

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