Legal trap-esque win


Hey everyone,

I recently learned about the legal trap, and just played a game where I got to use the queen sacrifice tactic, I think its a pretty cool trap, let me know what you think.




Chess is full of opening traps. This one is nice, but difficult to play. Other traps like the Halosar Trap are more successful as they are not so common. In fact, is what I normally try to play when going against the damned Scandinavian defense. This one is not so known, so it's easier to use:


Not sure of the name of this trap but I've won a few games this way:


and actually I see a lot of people play 2... Nf6 marshall defense... very dubious.


after 1...d5 "I hate you", couldnt agree more haha. Its funny how many people will take a queen sacrifice without a second thought, but it makes for some great traps.


Im relatively new here, so I haven't encountered the Marshall yet, but thats a pretty cool trap, blacks play from the 8th to the 13th move is completely forced.

aerodarts wrote:

this guy if full of BS......without his chess program he is nothing.

Don't be a sore loser.