Most brilliant blunder ever....

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    So I, UHHHHH, "sacrifice" a center pawn in the opening.  Then am obligated to throw everything at them and it works.  Chess is fun sometimes.

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    pfren wrote:

    12.Nxc7+ is completely irrational- you should have been satisfied with the draw. It's not only 13...Rg8, but also ...Rf8 and 13...Nxc4 winning for Black.

     r-f8 qxe5 n-e6 is forced correct?  Yes I am probably still worst but its a game

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    pfren wrote:

    You may have noticed that after 19...Ka5! you have no good checks, you can't take the knight and Black is threatening to make a shelter by ...b5, so White must be lost.

     yes, I did notice (and forget this) in my calculations.  Thanks for the notes pfren. 

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    Haha... pretty cool.

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