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My 7-0 Sweep at 2013 K-12 Nationals

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    Well, that's an achievement. My goal is to get over 2k, but it's not that simple as it seems. Congratulations for the win and the 7/7. It's quite rare, but it happens. 

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    ChessLegend28 wrote:

    Good job, now it's my turn

    We'll see. anyway good luck COLLEAGUE

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    Awesome work. Congrats.

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    adypady02 wrote:
    ChessLegend28 wrote:

    Good job, now it's my turn

    We'll see. anyway good luck COLLEAGUE

    Haha, so he was the one who said it was impossible to go 7/0?

    Good job, congrats.

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    that was very good play, good for you!

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    A few years ago, GM Robert Hess won some nice games in the US Championship with the Exchange French.  It's not bad, but it is perhaps less ambitious than other lines.


    Good play!  Congratulations.

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    Sahil, good luck on breaking 2200. As a colleague, I do not think you will be able to do it any time soon. Anyway, I will beat you in the sweet 16 this year so don't you worry ;P

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    Congratulations on your win and accomplishment, new NM!  As for your last game, I'm not too surprised by your opponent's line v. the French.  In a recent vote chess game for another team here, one of our members, an IM candidate (who is one norm short of his IM) recommended this line, a line often used by Botvinnik.  We easily crushed our opponents, so it carries a lot more danger than may appear on the surface.  Personally, I prefer the Tarrasch v. the French and have had extremely good success with it.

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    amazing!! ggs

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    Really awesome games.

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    Good job! P.S You wouldn't win if I was there! >:)

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    Yea maybe. but remmeber supernationals i had the upper hand. btw i played on in the drawn endgame becuz i HAD TO WIN. man if i won that my life would've been different. and in the q endgame there was delfection tactic where you ouldve won my queen!

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    7-0! That was...Fischerlike! I haven't seen many people do that. I hereby declare you AWESOME, adypady02 Wink

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    Awesome dude...but don't win when I play... 😱

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    ok i just realized now how amazing that is. i got 6.5/7 in a tournament, but 7/7 is amazing! 


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