My best sacrificial game yet


I finished the following cc game today between me and an 1800 rated player. I was playing black and the game started as a sicilian but transposed to a french. After a couple risky but strong sacrifices, I managed to obtain a large advantage in both material and position. This is probably my best tactical performance ever.

NOTE: I just looked at my engine, Qh5 mates in 8 while Qh8 mates in 10. Also, simply capturing the bishop was best with 30 ... Qxh2, because if Kxg4 then Bh5#. Qh3+ didn't have forced mate after Bg3, even though the bishop is still won. 


Also, g5 lost the advantage due to exf6.


Perhaps you should've looked at your engine first...


yeah - but I knew there were no blunders or giant mistakes and my engine is pretty weak anyways. I'm still waiting for computer analysis.


speaking of


Yeah - the premium one is better though, although it's still not strong at all.


There are many strong engines you can download for free rather than

waiting for analysis. For instance, do a search for Houdini.

You have to pay for Houdini 2.0, but Houdini 1.5 is free for download and

is rated 3195 on the computer chess list. Houdini 1.5 also demolished Rybka 4 in a match.


That was a great game. Your sacrifices were very clever. What was the outcome of the analysis?


That was one sexy game of chess.


Very pretty game but quite a few inaccuracies/blunders. An interesting move which seems to force a win is 21. ...Rxh3+! 22. gxh3 (Kg1 is probably better but far too passive for White to get counterplay) gxh3 with the idea of playing g2 and a carefully-timed N-sac on e5 allowing for Be7-d6-h2 threats


26... Rh4 also looks pretty good.


good game


Yeah - 26... Rh4 looks to be winning more than Nxe5 only because of Bf4 pinning the knight to the queen. I would still be up 6.5 points according to analysis, compared to the 10 points it gives Rh4, but Nxe5 dxe5 Qxe5+ Bf4 results in a mate in ten. And the reason g5 doesn't work is because after all the exchanges he has a discovered attack on my rook.


What did the analysis say for move 24, I like Rh2 then fxe5.

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