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My best win ever!!!

  • #1

    I was playing someone over 100 rating points higher, and thought i could never win.  I tried to keep the initiative, and it proved winning.

  • #2

    nice game! 

  • #3

    not very interesting .. but i like it

  • #4

    double pawn on d file lol... rating is not everything 

  • #5

    What happened to the Nimzo Larsen? Wink

    Nice game, Todd. 

  • #6

    I still like the nimzo Larsen just adding aa little to my repertoire ;-)

  • #7

    Nice game!

    At the end, I think Nf6+! was even stronger than what was played in the game, even though that was good too. :)

  • #8

    Nf6 would have been much better. I was so certain I would take bishop, I locked on Ne7....need to work on my tunnel vision at times.

  • #9

    Be more supportive! There are several mistakes he could have made, but didn't. Good job-

  • #10

    Why 18. ...Qxe7??

    18. ... B/Nxe7

  • #11

    If 18. ...B/Nxe7 then 19.Qxd7, winning Q with no compensation. Whatever move he makes is going to lose the Q. Therefore, 18. ...Qxe7 19. Rxe7 Bxe7 . He is only slightly down in material ( Q for R and N). Had I moved Nf6! I would effectively win Q for N. Hope that makes sense.


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