My Favorite Miniatures


Some time ago I was experimenting with the Alekhine's Defence (1.e4 Nf6). I esp.  wanted to explore the Four Pawns Attack, but it seems many players avoided it like the plague.


But I still remembered much of the theory.


Here is a game showing the point to score a point. wink.png


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Here is the game with notes.


Just copy and paste the game into a PGN reader if you can't play it blindfolded. wink.png 


Escalante-“Krazy1234” X25
Smart Phone Game, July-Aug., 2016
1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.d4 d6 4.c4 Nb6 5.f4 g5 6.d5 gxf4 7.Bxf4 Bf5 8.Nf3 h6 9.Nh4 e6 {9...Bh7 10.e6 fxe6 11.dxe6 Qc8 12.Be2 Qxe6 13.O-O Nxc4 14.Bg4} 10.Nxf5 {+/-} exf5 11.Bd3 Rg8 12.O-O N8d7 13.e6 Nf6 14.exf7+ Kxf7 15.Bxf5 {+/-, but now almost winning.} Nxc4 16.Be6+ Kg7 17.Qc1! Rh8 18.Qxc4 Be7 19.Nc3 Nh5 20.Be3 Rf8 21.Qg4+ Bg5 22.h4 Nf6 23.Bd4 1-0 {White has a piece, two pins, and all the attacking chances; Black has nothing.}




Recently I ordered some chess state magazines from the 1970s from Ebay.


Here is one of the little gems I found.





   I used to play the Giuoco Piano quite often a few years ago, and sometimes I got a chance to play this line. I think 7.Bd2 is more common, but Nc3 is a lot more active. I probably lost more games with this thing than I care to remember, but this win I made sure to record for posterity. wink.png





You've posted some great games here. =) But please keep the games to 25 moves or less.




(see post #1).




Here's one of Fischer's most brilliant miniatures, from the 1963 US Championship:



 That's a  good one blue! =)


    Well, excuuuuse me!wink.png

       How's this one? Only eighteen moves. Check out white's 15th move:



He wanted to play the opening slowly, so I let him, and never gave him a chance to get out of the opening phase.


"Well, excuuuuse me!wink.png"


A la' Steve Martin of course! =)


Here is another little gem I found in the 1970's state chess magazines collection from Ebay.









John Hurt was class A player in Memphis who played almost 30 years there. His specialty was the Wing Gambit in the Sicilian, of which he won many brilliant games.


One of those is given below. It's a miniature to fit the theme of this forum. Try to guess White's final move.