My Favorite Miniatures

chamo2074 schreef:

Another crushing win with the french

You certainly know how to handle the black pieces in the french!That knight trap is allright  even in OTB or daily games.


Yeah if you check my database my most popular line as black is actually the line till move 8 tongue.png

Barefoot_Player schreef:

There are some games worth playing over and over again. This is one of them.




We all have our favourite players and games. This game is of a 13 years old (young?)boy from Swiss. When you love chess(we all do)you love this game. No doubt about it.

No annotations but take a closer look. A lot of calculations. 


In the footsteps of this game 


A trap.

A joke. I

And a short basic game.



I can't annotate right now, sorry about that...

RIP_Your_Rating, why do you keep deleting my annotations?


It's fine but I'd opt for Be3 rather then Bd2


Here's one that I found in an old article.




Good for you Diwaditya! =)