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My Shortest Wins XVII

  • #1

    Welcome to the seventeenth installment of My Shortest Wins! 

    We're finally going to chess.com games! Today's game is a win against a higher rated player. Watch how I took advantage of his poor move d5, attempting to win a piece. 

    Here's the game!

  • #2

    "XVII," Cyrus?  Jeez, what is this, an Olympiad? Laughing

  • #3

    I don't know why, it's kind of exciting to do Roman numerals; modern numbers are too common.

  • #4

    Also, I'm not sure I agree that your idea (clever as it was) truly did "equalize at least."  Certainly his ill-starred pawn hunt with his queen allowed your pieces to take up aggressive posts; but if he had played instead 16 Rae1 it looks to me like White can still play for the advantage.

  • #5

    hmm...I thought it was a baaaaaad move.

  • #6

    double bishop sacrifice! This is no sacrifice, as I COULD take the queen back, but I would be in a losing position.

    Ok, what should I call this mate? Any suggestions? Do you know any players who played it?

  • #7

    Call it the "XVII." Smile


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