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Nice queen sacrifice in live blitz.

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    i liked how you set it up more then the execution . 

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    FMPetrov_Nikita wrote:

    Well played game!!!

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    very nice.

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    maybe its because you are russian, but somehow that sacrifice really reminds me of chigorin

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    Shouldn't you prove your title and get a free membership?Would be very convenient for you!

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    I have already sent a confirmation form.Anyway, thanks for advice.

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    ludrah wrote:

    live blitz??!!?!?!

    Heh, believe me, at 2200 blitz this person can see many more impressive things than forced mates in 2 Smile

    It was a pretty finish though, just rook and pawn giving mate.

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    #9. be5,bg7,bxn,bxb.... u can attack w/ pg4 , bxn,and rg8 ,Qg5(o-o-o-)

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    Oh, I see.  It is what they call it in the ratings though.  Live chess - standard, live chess - blitz etc.  And the correspondence chess they call online chess... as if all this chess isn't online heh.  So yeah, they're all weird names I guess.


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