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Queen Sacrifice in a tournament in 2010

  • #1

    when I took the decision to sacrifice my queen my heart started making strange sounds..
    but the Sac went very well :))
    When I finished the game I saw a lot of people around me they were watching the game and my face became like this
  • #2

    What a positional sacrifice! The queen is totally dominated by the passed pawns and the rook. You should be very proud. 

  • #3

    thanks for the comment and complimenting Embarassed

  • #4

    Extraordinary, congrats! What was the time control and your ratings? :)

  • #5

    GeorgeBlackChess      Thanks ;)

  • #6

    MSC157  the time control was 105 minutes ( 1:45 ) my rating is ( 1526 )

  • #7

    It was good game

  • #8

    THX REZA ;)

  • #9

    nice game...not so shocked by the  queen sack.  But, the accuracy with which you played it I was more impressed with.  congrats again.  your rating will be going up soon.  

  • #10

    Very nice!

  • #11

    thanks mates. :)


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