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Reti French games

  • #21

    On to a second page! Here's a very interesting one with attacks on opposite wings - my attack just happened to be more incisive!

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    Here's a cool one where I was completely winning and then just blundered checkmate at the end due to a distraction lol.

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    My best game in a bad day of blitz yesterday! Admittedly some strange moves from my opponent.

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    Well what do we have here? Will be bookmarking this to study later and a big thank you for taking the time in updating this thread! 

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    Waller, thanks for sharing all this examples, it opened up my eyes! I am not afraid of french defense anymore, actually I wanted my opponents to play it against me now ;) I have a friend which used to beat me easily with his frech defense and yesterday you should have seeing him rolling up his eyes when I pulled this weapon out :) It was a 5min game and unkown waters for him. Thanks a lot for your blog!

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    Yeah, I know it's been a while, but these games were a lot of fun to go through.  I think I'll have a new try that's not my standard boring french lines.

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    These are a joy to watch. I too struggle to gain an advantage with the Tarrasch but this system looks more to my style. Thanks for the heads up.

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     Great to see the Reti has found some more followers! 

    Just thought I'd update this thread again - I brought out the Reti in an OTB tournament last month against high-level opposition. I did go for a more positional game this time (just my mood at the time) but still came out with the better side of a draw. Here's the game (note that 192 ~ 2150/2200 in FIDE).

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