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Romantic Chess

  • #1

    It's not dead :)

  • #2

    This is about as romantic as a chainsaw.

  • #3

    Pretty sure he means if you are offered a gambit piece you are obliged to take it. That was the essence of romant....meh, who am i kidding....

  • #4

    nice win

  • #5

    Sweet win in the KG (vienna gambit). Very nice. I like. I used to play such

    lines long ago in another life....

  • #6

    Thanks all!

    mxiangqi , why don't you revive that other life and get back to playing in this way? :)

  • #7

    LOL maybe I should ;-)

  • #8

    Great game.

  • #9

    Romantic is Rainbow Rising's middle name ♥

  • #10

    The game reminds me of Morphy and Andersen.

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