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Rook Sacrifice Leads to Win for White

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    After helping Jerry to apply a coat of primer on the exterior of his garage, I drove to the Midland Chess Club where I triumphed over Bonny. Perhaps he could have found some better moves, but I am satisfied that I (with the White pieces) played well.

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    ELITEAttack wrote:

    I believe this game is far from over... continuation rg8

    That's a fail... that light squared bishop.

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    Sometimes, four moves in chess can seem very far.

    36 ... Rg8 37 Bg7+ Rxg7 38 Qh6+ Rh7 39 Qf8+ Ng8 40 Qxg8#

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    In that sequence, 38 ... Nh7 is a much better defense for Black. At that point, I agree, the game is far from over. Hmm, better for White to take the rook (37 Bxg8). After 37 ... Nxg8, I think White will want to protect the g and h pawns. White still is ahead at that point, by a minor piece and a pawn.

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    White could have ended things much earlier with 26 Qh5!, not to mention 22 rg5! looks pretty crushing as well.

    Even if you missed some finishing tactics, you set up the attack quite nicely: from the moment black castled kingside (and the king wasn't safe stuck in the center either), it seemed only inevitable that your pieces crashed through.

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    As you say, 26 Qh5 is very strong for White. What can Black do then, I don't know. What you mean by 22 Rg5! I'm not seeing, although 22 Rg4 could lead to capturing the black queen (22 ... Qxh5 23 Rxg7+ Kxg7 24 Qxh5). Either way, White looks pretty strong afterward.

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    Loved: Sorry: I meant Rg4.  Even if white declines the capture, which nets a queen and a pawn for the two pieces: the alternative, retreating the queen, loses immediately to Rxg7+ followed by Qc2 (or d3).

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    22 Rxf7! is best

    20 Ra2 is a blunder, you should have played 20 Qg4

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    20 Qg4 is very strong (mating threat) and also keeps the d pawn protected. Very nice! After 20 ... g6, White can play 21 Nf6+ and then 22 Qh3, winning the bishop.

    22 Rxf7! crashes right through, doesn't it. Black is playing the game as White tells him to. After the captures, White can play 24 Qb3+ and then 25 Qxc3, finishing the little combination a pawn ahead. Very nice, I hope to begin seeing opportunities like these in the weekly OTB tournaments here.

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    ELITE, you mean 36 ... Ng8 I think. Then 37 Bxg8 Rxg8 38 Bg7+ Bxg7 39 Qh5+ Bh6 40 Qxh6# or 38 ... Rxg7 39 Qh5+ or Qe8+ and wins the bishop on the next move. Yes, 36 ... Ng8 stops that attack, but White is still ahead (Q+3P vs R+B+2P, both kings exposed).


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