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Smith-Morra Declined

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    Hi.  First time poster and new chess.com user.  I played this game last night with a time control of 30/90 + SD/1.  It was a fun miniature.

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    That last move was brilliant!!

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    Metaknight251 wrote:

    I wish I could have seen your opponents face after Nb6.  Magnificent!  What should black play though (intead of Nf6)?

    Thanks for the kind words.  My chess engine says black's only try (as miserable as it looks) is 15. ...f6.  for example, 15. ...f6 16. e5 Qa5 17. Qf4.  The idea is to attack on the dark squares or swing the queen to c4 if the black queen allows it.

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    Move 14 is awesome!  Great game!

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    1... c5??


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